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Slovakness in the Making: The Concept of “Nation” and “National Literature” in the Works of 1930s Literary Critics

Nádaskay, Viliam

The study outlines the opinions on and sources of the so-called Slovak question in the interwar Czechoslovak republic amongst the writings of three Slovak literary critics: Stanislav Mečiar, Andrej Kostolný and Michal Chorváth. Each author stood for a different contemporary ideology; nationalist/autonomist, Czechoslovakist and communist, respectively.

Italy and Post-Habsburg Central Europe (An Introduction)

Kšiňan, Michal
Ďurčo, Michal

An introduction to the thematic issue of Forum Historiae 1/2021, Italy and the Post-Habsburg Central Europe outlines the main research questions and hypotheses that the authors worked with. Italy had ambitions to be in the position of a great power in the region and played an important role there in several different dimensions. The papers of this volume examine the political, diplomatic and military aspects of the Italian presence, as well as its economic, local and social dimension in post-Habsburg Central Europe.

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