Preparation for the afterlife of the Hungarian nobility according to the preserved medieval testaments

Tihányiová, Monika

The current study is devoted to the efforts of the medieval Hungarian nobility to ensure a peaceful afterlife for themselves and their families. This was hoped to be achieved through donations to the church and religious orders serving in the area. The paper begins with a brief focused on donations to the church that members of the nobility made during their lives and the actions they expected from the church or individual clergymen in return for such pious contributions.

Comitatus decimationem abbati subiugarem. K pôvodu donácie šomodských desiatkov

Druga, Marek

The study deals with the topic of tithes from the county of Somogy, given to the monastery of Pannonhalma during the reign of king Stephen I. The first purpose of this article is to present an overview of the studies of medievalists dealing with the subject of monastic tithes and the letter of privilege for the Monastery of St. Martin on the ”holy mount of Pannonia“, and to summarize their opinions about the circumstances under which the tithes from Somogy county were donated to the monks of Pannonhalma.

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