Stratégia vytvárania národoveckých elít v najznámejšom slovenskom spolku

Molda, Rastislav

The study, The Strategy of Forming a Nationalist Elite in the Best-Known Slovak Association, discusses the issue of establishing a new Slovak nationalist elite in the so called "matica" years. In the first chapter, a theoretical background is provided which seeks to define the term "elite" for the needs of this study on the basis of contemporary literature and especially sociology. The second part is analytical and can be divided into two subparts.

Spolková činnosť technickej inteligencie na Slovensku v rokoch 1918 - 1938

Hallon, Ľudovít

Despite certain stagnation in the process of industrialization and in the development of technical education in the new economic and national political circumstances of the interwar Czechoslovakia emancipation of Slovak technical intelligentsia gradually set in. The emancipation process manifested itself in some organizational activities of Slovak technicians and engineers.

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