maďarská menšina v Československu

Maďarská (politická) elita v medzivojnovom Československu - náčrt témy

Simon, Attila

This study is the first attempt to outline the specific characteristics of the Hungarian national minority´s political elite, the congressmen and senators of the National Assembly, in the first Czechoslovak Republic. The first part of the article focuses on the basic features of the contemporary Hungarian political elite in Slovakia; the place of origin, profession, place of residence, age, political affinities etc. of the Hungarian MPs.

Ödön Tarján - politik, podnikateľ a slobodomurár

Gaučík, Štefan

The study details the life and work of a nearly forgotten personality in the Hungarian minority history of Slovakia, Ödön Tarján. His contemporaries considered him not only an opposition politician who criticized the government minority and economic policies in the Czechoslovak republic (1918 – 1938), but also an agent of the Hungarian government. He was an outstanding economic expert and an éminence grise of the Hungarian parties who had substantial influence on the administration in Budapest. Despite his Jewish descent, he claimed to belong to the Hungarian national minority.

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