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Vidiecki komunisti ako aktéri a obete nútenej kolektivizácie

Zavacká, Marína

Analysing the developments in the rural communist cells in the 1950s in north-eastern Slovakia, this study challenges the still prevalent dichotomous picture of "the peasants" and "the communists" as two separate entities in the process of forced collectivisation.

Kolektivizace zemědělství v Československu v letech 1948 - 1960

Pernes, Jiří

After its resurgence from the Moscow exile in 1945, the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia (CPS) adopted the image of a party representing not only the labourers but the whole working class. The CPS worked towards gaining the support of Czechoslovak farmers with promises of new land reform, law guaranteed collectivization of land up to 50 hectares and more legislative measures to make their lives easier. However, the most significant was the promise of no kolkhozes – no equivalent of soviet agriculture.

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