V babylonskom zajatí alebo v zasľúbenej zemi? Kázeň Jána Kollára o verejnom záujme z roku 1848

Matus, László

The study analyzes the sermon by Ján Kollár "Napomáhánj obecného dobrého wůbec obzwlásstě wlasti" (Help to create public benefit and especially for your motherland) which he delivered on May 21st 1848 in Lutheran church on Deák square in Budapest. László Matus tries to answer the question about the relation between Kollár's speech reviewing the April laws and the political identity of a Slovak priest. Several facts point out that his thoughts were influenced by coercion. 1. The sermon was delivered as a result of political request, 2.

Poľskí básnici vojnových rokov 1939 - 1945

Szczechowicz, Hanna

During World War II Polish poets fought with weapon and pen against the occupants both on the domestic front and the battlefields abroad. They fought in all Polish armies, regular and conspiratorial formations, in General Anders's army as well as in General Berling's army. Their poetry encouraged the Polish people to fight and nourished patriotic feelings in a society distressed by the war in an occupied country, ghettos, detention camps, prisons and concentration camps.

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