Ernest Denis, Francúz úzko spojený so vznikom Česko-Slovenska

Ernest Denis, Francúz úzko spojený so vznikom Česko-Slovenska. Hovorí o ňom Bohumila Ferenčuhová. Premiéra 24.1.2021

Skončilo sa vystúpenie (Francúzska) z prvej svetovej vojny?

Audoin-Rouzeau, Stéphane

To start, the author asks a thought-provoking question – whether France has definitively exited World War I. He defends the methodological approach to exiting the war, which may better render the complexities of the reconciliation of the war experience than the oft-used term the post-war period. He deals with the different amounts of time taken, and especially the persisting grief from the loss of loved ones which carries over into the later generations and in such a way the Great War still seems to be relevant even today.

Rakouská ambasáda v Paříži v letech 1809 - 1812 v korespondenci Karla Schwarzenberga a Klemensa Metternicha

Lenderová, Milena

The contribution deals with the period of time when Karl of Schwarzenberg was the Austrian Ambassador to Paris, that is the period of his Paris mission before the commencement of the campaign in Russia. It presents Schwarzenberg's personality as seen in his hitherto unstudied correspondence between him and Klemens von Metternich, plus some other sources of a personal nature, belonging to the same period and the same social ambience. The fundamental source was the 29 letters Schwarzenberg sent to Metternich from Paris.

Vystúpenia z napoleonských vojen. Niekoľko námetov na reflexiu

Rey, Marie-Pierre

In the three sections of her article the author ruminates on the exiting of the Napoleonic Wars, which, through their geographic dimension, length, the use of new military technology and ideological content, brought important structural changes, and not only to French society. In the first section we learn about the diplomatic-military level of activity at exiting the War in 1814–1818, when France returned from the position of outcast to move back into the community of European states.

Vystúpenia z vojen: od napoleonských vojen po druhú svetovú vojnu

Ferenčuhová, Bohumila
Marès, Antoine
Kšiňan, Michal

This article is an introduction to the thematic issue of Forum Historiae 2/2018 dedicated to the subject of exiting wars in France and Central European countries in 19th and 20th centuries. In addition to introducing the main research questions and hypotheses, which the authors of the issue worked with, and to the outline of their main conclusions, the editors also provide a brief comparison of exiting wars in East-Central Europe in 20th century.

The Reception of the Nazarene Movement in France

Saint-Martin, Isabelle

The purpose of this overview is to examine the reception of the Nazarene movement in France by first recalling how art criticism interpreted the works and theories of Nazarene painters. Then by addressing the question of the existence of a French Nazarene movement, which is currently being debated in modern historiography. And finally by looking at how Nazarene compositions, engravings in particular, had a direct influence on the production of religious paintings, stained glass and other illustrated works of devotion throughout the 19th century.

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