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Between Historiographies of Finitude and Appropriation of the Annales School: The “National Question” in Post-1945 Croatian Intellectual History

Balikić, Lucija

The present article outlines the main trends in post-1945 Croatian intellectual history writing, with special attention paid to the unique dynamics of the reception and influence of the Annales school, plus other external historiographical trends dominant in “Western” historiographies of the time.

Intellectuals and the “National Question” in Post-1918 Central and Eastern Europe (An Introduction)

Buzássyová, Barbora
Vörös, László

This article provides introduction and context for the papers published in the current issue. Seven case studies examine the conceptions of “nation,” national existence, national history and national art in the writings of influential intellectuals active in a variety of fields—historians, literary critics, artists and art critics, and a philosopher—in Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, and their successor states throughout the 20th century.

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