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Ako vyzeral v 80. rokoch zápas o lepšie životné podmienky a prečo sa práve ochranárstvo stalo jedným z mála ostrovov tzv. pozitívnej deviácie uprostred normalizačnej šedi? Jaro Valent z časopisu Historická revue sa rozprával s Júliou Čížovou z Historického ústavu SAV. (SME) Premiéra 3.10.2021

Stromoradia v systéme stavby a údržby ciest 18. a 19. storočia

Ďurčo, Michal

The occurrence of tree lines started to increase from the Renaissance period. At that time, however, it was merely landscaping in precisely designed ornamental gardens. Planting lines of trees along public roads started to be more frequent in the early 18th century, coming from the French school of modern road building. Trees became a fully-fledged part of a technical installation - a road. At first, their function was primarily aesthetic - helping to incorporate the road structure into the countryside. Later on, other economical and practical advantages were discovered.

Krajina, príroda a životné prostredie v minulosti (Úvod)

Hollý, Karol
Hronček, Pavel

This article is an introduction to the thematic issue of Forum Historiae 1/2017 on environmental history in the territory of Slovakia and East Central Europe in the period between the 18th and 20th centuries. Apart from introducing the studies published in the issue, informing on the environmental historical research in Slovakia, the authors propose a theoretical scheme for historical research of environment. They introduce a set of working definitions centering on the conceptual triad: nature, landscape, and environment.

Problematika environmentálnych dejín na Slovensku

Hronček, Pavel

Environmental history started to be formed as an autonomous discipline in the 1960s in the United States of America. Prof. Donald Worster is considered to be its founder. The discipline was formed under high pressure from a massive developing environmental movement that had emerged as a response to the deteriorating global environment. A negative mood was predominantly stirred up by the unrestrained development of industry, ruthless towards the landscape, and by the formation of a new "consumer" society.

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