Komunismus, budoucnost a historiografie soudobých dějin

Sommer, Vítězslav

The article discusses the relationship between historiography of the contemporary history and the research into the phenomenon iof future in the era of state socialism. The author first briefly introduces the issue of "exploring the Future" and the "politics of the future", pointing to two possible concepts - the future as utopia or a horizon of expectations, and the future as a subject of expertise and governance. These two perspectives are then put into the context of the theory and practice of state-socialist administration of the state and society.

Z histórie paradigmatického sporu o budúcnosť prírody a krajiny Podunajska

Huba, Mikuláš

Efforts to protect nature and the landscape over a large area have recently intensified - also on the Slovak side of the Danube River. The more than thirty-year-old idea of a national park in this region, which we could give the working name "The Slovak Danube Region", has come back to life. On the Austrian side, very close to Bratislava, such a national park was established more than 20 years ago, and the Hungarians also created a national park close to border with Slovakia.

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