Verní a neverní kráľovi

Herucová, Angelika
Hudáček, Pavol

In the Middle Ages a good relationship between the ruler and his people was built on loyalty (fidelitas). Loyalty to the king was also very important for the political order and preservation of the power of the ruler as well as his people (magnates, mounted warriors, bishops, abbots and provosts). The oath of personal fidelity, devotion and loyalty was a part of the ritual in strengthening the relationship between the lord and his man. In Medieval Latin the words fides and fidelitas had originally a religious meaning – believer, a Christian, and Faith.

Výsadná listina Stoličného Belehradu

Zsoldos, Attila

The study deals with the charter of privileges of Székesfehérvár which has not been preserved. It dates back to 1237. There are only references to its existence in other charters. The content of this charter is mentioned in two older charters from the 15th century. Certain doubts arise from the fact that it refers to older privileges granted by King Saint Stephen. It is assumed that the original charter was issued for Latin guests that settled in Székesfehérvár.

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