Medieval Dynasties in Medieval Studies: A Historiographic Contribution

Zupka, Dušan

The article provides an overview of the current research on the notion, idea and perception of dynasties in medieval Europe. It deals with a variety of studies and books that focus on dynasty and dynastic historical writing within Central Europe, as well as outside this region. The main goal is to provide a selection of examples of how the notion of dynasty can be used in current historiographic discourse. First and foremost, dynasty in medieval studies seems to be (to a certain extent) another intellectual construct applied to the period in question.

Šľachta a mestá, heraldicko-genealogické aspekty

Novák, Jozef

The author examines regional monographs (especially dealing with the history of towns and communities), the number of which has significantly increased in contemporary historiography. The text is focused on the content, particularly the structure of these publications. The comparative aspect was especially utilized to point out the specifics of monographs written during the communist era. The author suggests several points for the future research.

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