stredoveká archeológia

Počiatky poľského štátu v najnovších archeologických a historických výskumoch

Sikorski, Dariusz Andrzej

Views of most Polish archaeologists and some historians on the beginnings of the Polish state have been radically changed within the last twenty-five years. Therefore, it is possible to speak about an emergence of the new model which can explain the formation process of the state of the first Piasts better. Progress in the archaeological research have contributed to this change as well as enabled not only to distinguish new and for the early Piast period also significant sites and objects, but also to reanalyse already known material.

Archeológia ranostredovekej služobníckej organizácie vo východnej Európe

Curta, Florin

"Service settlement" is a favourite phrase of several Polish and Czech medievalists who use it commonly to refer to villages of specialised workers (peasants or craftsmen) serving the exclusive needs of neighbouring fortresses or local manor houses. Polish historians have linked the service settlements to ducal or royal estates and argued that such villages emerged to meet the exclusive demands of Polish dukes or the king and his court. Service settlements were therefore to be found around ducal or royal residences and palaces, located within or outside regional fortresses.

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