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Sedliacka jazda na Slovensku: zelené vojsko agrárnej strany, alebo jej prestížny klub?

Hanula, Matej

Author deals with the place of Peasant Cavalry in Slovakia during the inter-war period. This significant organization was officially established in 1926 and belonged to the most successful and the most influential political party of the 1st Czechoslovak Republic – agrarian party. Author focuses on the position of Peasant Cavalry in the Slovak society, sources of its ideology and the problems it had been dealing with in Slovakia.

Ľudové peňažníctvo ako nástroj hospodárskej politiky agrárnej strany na Slovensku 1918 - 1938

Hallon, Ľudovít

Popular bank-industry of the inter-war period emerged as the most stable part of the credit system in Slovakia an even in the whole Czechoslovak Republic. It was a safe haven of financial system especially during the uncertain times of the Great Depression. An important advantage was the high level of the popular bank-industry in the Czech lands which was an example for Slovakia. It helped to implement the modern structure of bank-industry in four basic types of institutions: credit cooperatives, Peasant Mutual Offices, municipal savings banks and trade credit houses.

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