The anarcho-feminist zine "Bloody Mary" and the influence of the Internet: The problem with the hierarchy of the collective creative process

Kopecká, Mahulena

This article describes the conclusions from my postgraduate thesis, which maps the changes of the anarcho-feminist zine Bloody Mary and its transformations under the impact of the Internet, blogging and the computer graphics software used in the production of the zine. The main sources used in this case study were the issues of the zine , interviews conducted with the authors and the readers, as well as materials published on the author’s blog.

Places of Revolt: Geographical References in the Slovak Anarchist Press Around the Turn of the Millennium

Daniel, Ondřej

Geographical references likely played a crucial role in shaping the worldview of Slovakia’s anti-globalisation activists. The aim of this study is to provide a classification of geographical categories based on how they operate in the anti-globalisation activist press.

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