Hlohovec and the Ilok Family

Grófová, Mária

This study deals with the development of the town of Hlohovec (Galgócz, Freystadl) and its position during the High Middle Ages. The author focuses on the significance and position of the town in the period from the 14th to 16th centuries, when it was administered by the Ilok (Újlaki, Iločki) family. She describes the relationship of the family to both the town and the Hungarian sovereigns and the impact of their policies on town development.

Nobility and Towns, Heraldic and Genealogical Aspects

Novák, Jozef

The author examines regional monographs (especially dealing with the history of towns and communities), the number of which has significantly increased in contemporary historiography. The text is focused on the content, particularly the structure of these publications. The comparative aspect was especially utilized to point out the specifics of monographs written during the communist era. The author suggests several points for the future research.

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