concept of the state in Central Europe in early Middle Ages

Model of the Central European Medieval State: between innovation and tradition? Towards the continuity and discontinuity in history of Czech historiography after 1948

Kalhous, David

Author introduces his text with discussing the role of older generations of historians who never were members of Communist Party, though kept or reached important positions in a system of "new communistic research", and position of new generation of young communists who didn't hesitate their contacts with the Communist party to build their careers.

Kingdom, Monarchy or State? : On the Topic of Using a Concept of State in the Early Middle Ages.

Hudáček, Pavol

When you mention "a medieval state" these days, it kindles some interest only in very few people. It is considered a self-evident fact a state was a completely normal part of our human history since time immemorial. The main reason why the term state is now commonly used also for the Early Middle Ages is the idea that today's modern states simply evolved from the ancient times. Historians, too, refer to a medieval political formation as State. They rarely, however, ask what is actually State when writing about political formations from the past.

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