Spoločnosť proti pohlavným chorobám na Slovensku

The Society against Venereal Diseases in Slovakia in the Interwar Period

During the interwar period special societies and associations were founded at several medicine departments in Slovakia. The Society against Venereal Diseases was one of them; its foundation was initiated by Professor Viktor Reinsberg, the head of the Dermato-venereal clinic at Faculty of Medicine at Comenius University in Bratislava. The Dermato-venereal clinic became an institutional basis for the development of dermato-venereology in Slovakia.
The Society against Venereal Diseases was the first organization of its kind in the territory of Slovakia. The Society's aim was the elimination of venereal diseases and evidence of infected patients. They used various educational methods, such as discussions or lectures, but also some other popular ones. The Society under the leadership of Professor Reinsberg was a voluntary, charitable organization with nationwide focus. It created an organizational framework for its educational, health, prophylactic and enlightenment activities and brought some system and expert approach to the elimination of venereal diseases. Even though aims of the Society against Venereal Diseases were rather practical, new research has shown that it also participated to a large extent in the development of the dermato-venereology in Slovakia.