Trauma z vojny aj po vojne

The Trauma from War that Continued after the War

Antisemitism was part of the anti-Jewish policy of the "ľudák" regime in Slovakia during World War II. Deportations to the concentration camps in occupied Poland meant that the overwhelming majority of the Slovak Jewish community was wiped out. Shortly after the war, two groups of Holocaust survivors were formed. One group, in an effort to prevent their descendants from learning the truth about what they had been through, kept their past secret. On the contrary, the other group felt an inner need to talk about the concentration camps. Even decades later, the suceeding generation of children still experienced the trauma suferred by their loved ones. It has become their own trauma, because they have found themselves in a situation where they, too, have to come to terms with the Holocaust, with the past which is merciless and which has a common denominator for both generations: being impacted by Jewishness.