Spanish Nazarenes Artists in Rome


In Spain, the Nazarene movement was represented by a group of painters who worked in Rome: Luis de Madrazo, Eduardo Rosales, Alejo Vera and Domingo Valdivieso, but after all (known as the Catalans/all of them Catalans) the Catalans. The most important figure in this group was Pelegrí Clavé, who went on to become a professor at the Academy of San Carlo in Mexico. His Mexican students there included such names as José S. Pina, Santiago Rebull, Eugenio Landesio and José María Velasco. The work of one of them, Rebull, can be found in Prague, because a Czech pharmacist named František Kaska put together a collection of art that he decided to send to the National Museum in Prague in 1906. In this we can observe the persistence of Nazarene painting in time and geography that runs in a line from Spain to Rome to Mexico and finally to Prague.