Spolková činnosť technickej inteligencie na Slovensku v rokoch 1918 - 1938

Technical Intelligentsia Societies and their Activities in Slovakia in 1918 – 1938

Despite certain stagnation in the process of industrialization and in the development of technical education in the new economic and national political circumstances of the interwar Czechoslovakia emancipation of Slovak technical intelligentsia gradually set in. The emancipation process manifested itself in some organizational activities of Slovak technicians and engineers. In the first stage of the existence of the Czechoslovak republic it was in the frame of national corporations founded by the Czech technicians in which Slovak departments and branches were established, such as Slovak branches of the Czechoslovak Engineers and Architects Society and Bratislava branches of Czechoslovak Electrotechnical Association or Czechoslovak Chemical Society. Branches had professional character and associated technicians of all nationalities. However, centrifugal tendencies had increased from the end of the 20´s leading to formation of independent organizations of technicians, founded on national principle, such as Slovak Engineers Society.