Pripomínanie a kanonizovanie minulosti. Úvaha na margo niektorých diskusií o dejinách Slovenska

Commemoration and Canonisation of the Past: On Discusions about the History of Slovakia

Following political changes in the late 80's socialist block, Czechoslovakia experienced a certain boom of nationalism, which became a legitimising element for the current political conceptions. Actually, in the year 2008, which is by political establishment named as the year of "magic eights" in history of Slovaks, lot of commemorational events were realized. Official speeches concerning to these historical jubilees contained a lot of historical examples and myths instrumentalised in current political context. Study dealing on conceptualization of "national history" in current political and scientific discourse. That circuit of problems is known also as the question of historical culture. Author is criticizing the actual attempts to canonize history of Slovakia only as a progress to the national and state independency. Study shortly reconstructs the major theoretical and ideological lines of thinking about history of Slovakia. Generally also contemplating on role and status of historians in process of the political instrumentalisation of history. The big chance for change he sees in application of new methodological trends established and discussed in the western historiographies.