Menšinové stereotypy. Obraz Čechov a Slovákov v prácach maďarských autorov zo Slovenska v medzivojnovom období

Minority Stereotypes: The Image of Czechs and Slovaks in the Works of Hungarian Intelligentsia in Slovakia during the Interwar Period

The author deals with the image of Czechs and Slovaks in the works of Hungarian intelligentsia from Slovakia in the interwar period. He analyzes the studies and essays of seven significant representatives of Hungarian minority in Slovakia. They belonged to the members of the second generation of Hungarians in Slovakia who were born before the establishment of Czechoslovakia, however, they received their education in Czechoslovakia. Due to this fact they had different opinions about the past of the Kingdom of Hungary as well as about the situation in Czechoslovakia when compared to the views of their parents who lived in the Habsburg monarchy. The presented study confirms the view that the opinions of Hungarian intelligentsia about Czechs and Slovaks were considerably dissimilar. The Czechs coming to Slovakia were, on one hand, perceived as conquerors and colonizers, on the other hand Czech culture and democracy of Czech society was highly appreciated by Hungarian intelligentsia. They dealt with Slovaks significantly less and stereotypes inherited from the Kingdom of Hungary were still alive in their images.