Czechs as a "Vanguard of Humankind": A Utopian Vision of the Czech Nation and its Neighbours in the Ideal Worlds of Interwar Czech Fiction

Češi jako "předvoj lidstva". Představy o českém národě a jeho sousedech v ideálních světech meziválečné české utopické beletrie

This article deals with stereotypes of Czech nation and its neighbours as they were utilised by interwar Czech utopists. As they tried to persuade theirs readers they have to follow the commonsensical beliefs and values of their potential readers. Czech nation was their primary concern as well as its relationship with other nations – the future of the nation was more important than the proposed social organisation. Presented ethnic stereotypes were remarkably consistent with the authors offering socialist, capitalist or alternative future development. In the interwar Czech utopian production can be observed a complex of a small nation uncertain its future existence, as well as other collective patterns, that the attitude to other nations was based on them.