The Settling Down of the Nobility in Levoča in the Second Half of the 16th Century

K usadzovaniu šľachty v Levoči v polovici 16. storočia

In the paper, the author considers the nobility of Levoča (Lőcse, Leutschau, Leutsovia); nobility settled down in the town in the 16th century partially under pressure from the Ottoman invasion. In particular, it describes how Serédi Gáspár, a captain of Upper Hungary and a senior military officer of Ferdinand I. Hapsburg, obtained a house in Levoča. His name is mentioned in a town tax book from 1551; however, he was the owner of the house as early as 1550. After his death, this house was obtained by Peter Fügedi, a royal servant of Serédi Gáspár. The Levoča town council had objections against his right of ownership. Thus he had to accept specific conditions under which he was allowed to own a house in town as a nobleman.