Changes and Evolution of Štefánik´s Worldview

Premeny a vývoj Štefánikovho svetonázoru

The author is using the personality of Milan Rastislav Štefánik to show how secular ideas permeated into Slovak society at the turn of 19th century. Štefánik came from a family of an evangelic priest and until his university studies in Prague, he was a devout believer. However, in the Czech metropolis, he met new modern views on faith and religion which were in stark contrast with his traditional perception of the role of the Church and creed. An important turning point stemmed from this and he decided to devote himself to science and astronomy. It also provoked a serious dispute with his father. But one cannot say that his world-view was definitely formed at the time. In fact, he got into a state of permanent development, being strongly influenced by the French environment where he was living after having finished his studies in Prague. He inclined to positivism, which was then popular in science at that time, nevertheless he did not renounce his faith in God or metaphysics.