malokarpatské mestá

Šľachta v malokarpatských mestách v ranom novoveku (16.-18. storočie)

Duchoň, Michal

The study deals with the issue of the presence of nobles in three towns – Modra (Modor, Modern, Modorinum), Pezinok (Bazin, Bösing, Bazinium) Svätý Jur (Szentgyörgy, Sankt Georgen, Sanctus Georgius) – located under the slopes of the Little Carpathians mountain range. The author studies the motivations that caused the members of the middle and lower Hungarian nobility settle down in towns, as well as the reactions of the town and municipality to this trend.

Rodinné väzby v prostredí mestských elít na príklade Modry, Pezinka a Svätého Jura v rokoch 1600 - 1720

Duchoň, Michal

Family relationships played a significant role among the members of town's elites. Marriage was one of the key tools for family continuity. Creating new personal and family connections, marriages strengthened existing social, economic and political relationships. Marriages gave legitimacy for the new born children, concentrated property and created continuity of elite per se.

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