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Štruktúry rozprávania v historiografii. Naratologická analýza Vespucciho listu Mundus Novus

Dvorský, Juraj

In this work I deal with the relationship between narratology and historiography. In the 1970s especially due to H. White are applied literary patterns to the field of historiography. Nowadays with the benefit of hindsight it is possible to state that narratology didn't remain a domain of literary science which formed it but it has also found his position in other disciplines, including historiography. The focus of this contribution is the narratological analysis of Vespucci's letter Mundus Novus. Its final form points out cultural specifics of this historical period.

Ideológia: hranice jedného konceptu

Vörös, László

Terry Eagleton, a prominent current theoretician of ideology, claims in the introduction to his well-known book Ideology. An Introduction (1991) that no one has ever come with a single satisfactory definition of ideology and in this respect he will not be an exception either. Then, he lists seventeen different meanings of the term ideology used nowadays (that is, in the 1990s) in both public and academic discourse. Some of these meanings are actually contradictory, some are judgmental – negative and/or pejorative and other are neutral.

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