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Stanislav Kostlivý and Konštantín Čársky – the Elite of Slovak Surgery

Falisová, Anna
Ozorovský, Vojtech

Following the dissolution of Austria-Hungary and the establishment of Czechoslovakia, Slovak society was struggling from a severe lack of professional elites. A considerable portion of civil servants, academics and pedagogues rejected the new regime and left Slovakia. By examining the cases of two significant figures of medical science (surgery), S. Kostlivý and K. Čársky, this study introduces some key difficulties affecting the establishment of this discipline during inter-war Czechoslovakia. S. Kostlivý was among the founders of Slovak surgery, K.

Václav Chaloupecký and Daniel Rapant – a Troubled Relationship

Ducháček, Milan

The story of the Slovak inter-war historiography cannot be conceptualized without reconstruction of the relationship between its founders. The most important among them were Václav Chaloupecký, the first Czech professor of Czechoslovak history at the Comenius University, and his successor – after Chaloupecký's forced departure from Slovakia in late 1938 – the first professional Slovak archivist and historian professor Daniel Rapant. The inter-war era of the Slovak historiography cannot be fully understood without putting Chaloupecký and Rapant in comparison.

Social Situation and Political Conflict of University and College Students in Slovakia in the 30's of the 20th century

Černák, Tomáš

The study focuses on the social situation at Slovak university in the 30's of the 20th century, and especially the question of how academics, namely active functionaries of student associations, tried to solve this complex and complicated issue themselves. Poor social status in academic circles, high tuition fees or accommodation costs, its planned increase, the lack of accommodation facilities and few possibilities for getting a job after graduation, were all factors that influenced the growth of discontent among the university student population and in some cases led to radicalism.

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