2/2021: Networking and Trust during the Cold War

Networking and Trust during the Cold War
Marína Zavacká and Adam Hudek

Our aim is to explore relations of trust between citizens and political institutions, as well as between institutions and their representatives especially in the wake of political ruptures. We seek to analyse the phenomenon of trust and distrust across the East-West borders in the sphere of economic, cultural and scientific relations as well as in the emigrees circles.

Termín odovzdania: 
28th February 2021

Language: English
Length: 15 to 35 standard pages (1800 characters per page)
Style: submissions must follow the “Style Manual for the Authors” (http://www.forumhistoriae.sk/en/dokument/instructions-authors) (manuscripts that do not comply will be rejected or returned upon receiving for correction)
All submissions should be sent to (both) email addresses: marina.zavacka@savba.sk adam.hudek@savba.sk
The manuscripts should focus on the following topics:
• Development and maintainance of the networks of trust in typologically differentiated environments
• Survival strategies, performing loyalty, earning political credibility and trust in the socialist dictatorhips
• The roles of symbols, rituals and narratives in building and maintaining trust within and across bodies involved in official and unofficial structures
• Rhetoric of the mutual non-threat – international and domestic
• Restoration of relations at workplaces in times following political purges.
• Trust in the expert millieu – continuity in discontinuity
• Phenomenon of trust and distrust in the emigré circles. Gaining the trust of the “West” and at home after 1989
• Trust between East and West – travelling, scientific relations, international trade, culture, globalisation

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