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Hungarian Historical Review

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Volume 4 Issue 1 2015




Vladas Sirutavičius: National Bolshevism or National Communism: Features of Sovietization in Lithuania in the Summer of 1945 (The First Congress of the Intelligentsia)

Nikola Baković: "No One Here is Afraid of Blisters or Work!" Social Integration, Mobilization and Cooperation in Yugoslav Youth Brigades. The Example of Čačak Region Brigades (1946–1952)

Sándor Horváth: Life of an Agent: Re-Energizing Stalinism and Learning the Language of Collaboration after 1956 in Hungary

Alexander Mirescu: A Curious Case of Cooperation and Coexistence: Church–State Engagement and Oppositional Free Spaces in Communist Yugoslavia and East Germany

Marie Černá: From "Occupation" to "Friendly Assistance": The "Presence" of Soviet Troops in Czechoslovakia after August 1968

Tibor Takács: Them and Us: Narratives of Agents from the Kádár Era

Caterina Preda: Forms of Collaboration of Visual Artists in Communist Romania of the 1970s–1980s


Book Reviews

Legacies of Violence. Eastern Europe's First World War. Edited by Jochen Böhler, Włodzimierz Borodziej, and Joachim von Puttkamer. Reviewed by Rudolf Kučera

Nép, nemzet, zsidó [Folk, Nation, Jew]. By Gábor Gyáni. Reviewed by Ferenc Laczó

Propaganda State in Crisis: Soviet Ideology, Indoctrination, and Terror under Stalin, 1927–1941. By David Brandenberger. Reviewed by Balázs Apor

A magyar népi mozgalom története: 1920–1990 [History of the Hungarian Populist Movement: 1920–1990]. By István Papp. Reviewed by Ákos Bartha

Magyar idők a Felvidéken 1938–1945. Az első bécsi döntés és következményei [Hungarian Times in the Upper Lands, 1938–1945. The First Vienna Award and its Consequences]. By Attila Simon. Reviewed by Veronika Gayer

Imposing, Maintaining, and Tearing Open the Iron Curtain: The Cold War and East-Central Europe, 1945–1989. Edited by Mark Kramer and Vít Smetana. Reviewed by Zoltán Sz. Bíró

Fabricating Authenticity in Soviet Hungary. The Afterlife of the First Hungarian Soviet Republic in the Age of State Socialism. By Péter Apor. Reviewed by Adam Hudek

The Collectivization of Agriculture in Communist Eastern Europe. Comparison and Entanglements. Edited by Constantin Iordachi and Arnd Bauerkämper. Reviewed by Róbert Balogh

Secrets and Truths: Ethnography in the Archive of Romania's Secret Police. By Katherine Verdery. Reviewed by Caterina Preda



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Eva Hasalová - Alena Piatrová

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M. M. Zubercová, E. Hasalová, Z. Šidlíková, M. Vančo

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Hungarian Historical Review

Formerly Acta Historica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae

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Kultúrne dejiny / Cultural History is a peer-reviewed journal focused on history and anthropology


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